teeth straightening with orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is recommended to dental patients who have been suffering from misaligned teeth. The purpose of this treatment is to realign a set of misaligned teeth for a better appearance. However, straight teeth are not the only benefit of dental braces.

If you are someone looking to get dental braces, you will be delighted to know that dental braces come along with other significant benefits. Healing from speech impairment is one of such major benefits. While your dentist is likely to only point out the primary benefit of dental braces, here are the other benefits of teeth straightening with orthodontic treatment that you should know:

Strengthening gum tissues and bones

Here’s a simple fact: When you do not have enough teeth, the jawbone starts to recede and your gums become weak, with no teeth to support. When you have misaligned teeth, you are likely to have spaces in between your teeth. The bone underneath these spaces tends to recede and the gums become weak, often in an irreversible manner.

Thus, by aligning your teeth properly and eliminating these spaces in the process, dental braces prevent help your bone and gums to remain strong.

Preventing oral infections 

When your teeth are misaligned, it means that their shape is not even. One may overlap another and some may even be positioned improperly. For this reason, your toothbrush may not be able to reach out to some places on your teeth.

By aligning your teeth, dental braces ensure that your teeth do not overlap with each other anymore, and each of them is positioned properly. Thus, it helps you in cleaning your teeth better, keeping away the bacteria that may otherwise feast in the places where your toothbrush cannot reach.

Reducing teeth grinding 

One tooth is bound to collide with another when your teeth are misaligned, and increase your chances of grinding them. Orthodontic braces prevent this, effectively.

By aligning your teeth perfectly, there is an even space and shape distributed throughout your teeth, which prevents grinding. Even when you have your braces on, you are less likely to grind your teeth, due to the chips and wires on them.

Improving speech

Your teeth play a vital role in delivering your speech. They regulation your pronunciation. For instance, people who have perfectly aligned teeth, pronounce the letter ‘S’, with a sharp and crisp hissing sound. However, people with a slightly misaligned set of teeth pronounce it with a rather bland hiss.

This is one of the several other instances where your teeth play a role in your speech delivery. By aligning your teeth properly, dental braces help you in improving your pronunciation and overall speech, and would surely save you from potential embarrassments!

Overall, orthodontic treatment is meant to heighten your self-esteem. With improved speech and appearance, there is not an entity that you can’t woe! And you need not worry about looking different with those braces on. It is a sustainability approach after all, and this is why over 4 million Americans have them on, as per The Washington Post! If you are looking to get orthodontic treatment, book an appointment with a dentist, now!