A Dental Emergency

Kingwood, TX Emergency Dentistry

We are there whenever you need us

Emergencies should not baffle you because we here at Kingwood, TX are fully equipped and well bred to deal with all those situations. An emergency may arise at any hour and this uncertainty and untimeliness is what scares patients the most! We therefore assure you again and again that whichever hour of the day it is, if it’s your hour of need, we are right here to help you with our unique services and honest efforts. Additionally, we are well equipped with a team of trained professionals who can handle emergencies with promptness and compassion.

Wondering which are the emergencies handled by us most dexterously? Here is a list of dental situations that call for an emergency care and have at some point of the other handled by our team here.

Generally, you call it an emergency when one has a:

  • Severe toothaches or an increasing tooth pain
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • A lost dental restoration such as a worn out filling or a damaged crown
  • A partially knocked out tooth
  • Trauma to the soft tissues of the mouth - inner or outer lips, cheeks on both sides etc.

We are there to meet your emergency needs even beyond the normal business hours. To avail our same-day emergency appointments and other financing benefits, get in touch with our Kingwood, TX office today!

Your various emergencies that we deal with

A Knocked- Out Tooth:

A permanent tooth falling out is a real menace. Often, individuals are seen trying to fix it back but that is practically not possible. Therefore, in case of any trauma where your adult tooth has been knocked out, you need to see the dentist immediately.

An Abscessed Tooth:

Dental abscess results from pus that forms in the tooth and turns infectious in course of time. As a result tooth sensitivity increases, and it keeps aching continuously. The lymph nodes are quite sensitive which which eventually causes swelling in the face. This situation needs immediate dental care as the face muscles are affected and steps to reduce the pain should be adopted immediately.

A damaged Filling:

A wrecked and destroyed filling may cause discomfort and pain. This leads to opening of the sharp edges and if by any chance you bite your tongue, you get a really bad cut. In certain extreme cases these can lead to ulcers too. Also, when the dentin gets exposed, hypersensitivity can also arise.

A Broken Crown or loosened Dental Implants:

A broken crown can cause tremendous pain. The consequences of your crown becoming slacken also contain high risk of ingestion. Therefore this condition needs immediate replacement.

A damaged dental implant on the other hand does not always involve high risk but such situations can arise when the implant can fall off. Infection is often the cause of an implant falling off. The abutment screw may loosen causing a rupture of the cementing of the implants. Only professional expertise can will be able to deal with this. Hence, you need to see the dentist immediately in such situations.


Fractures may be minor as well as severe. In case of the latter ones, if the enamel that is the outer protective layer of your teeth gets damaged, the pulp may be exposed to a certain extent and as a result the nerve tissue. This could turn out to be not only painful but make your teeth sensitive too! Therefore tooth fractures might call for an emergency treatment depending upon the extent of the damage.

Don’t sit back with the pain!

Delaying the treatment procedure for a toothache or a loose is not at all a wise deed. Once you encounter any of the emergency situations, get in touch with us.

You can call us at at (281) 746-9400 or book an appointment online to see your dentist at the earliest.