Prevention is Better than Cure

Preventative Dental Care at Kingwood, TX

Let prevention be your first step to oral care

Healthy teeth is an attribute that we all try to possess, the reason being, healthy teeth is responsible for smile  - the smile with which we communicate with the world around us. Oral care starts at home, and it starts at a very early age of any individual. Dental experts at Kingwood, TX, in fact hold the opinion that teeth care of a child needs to begin as early as the month when his or her first tooth appears or even before that!

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Some preventative dental care options

A few steps that are usually advised to the patients by our dentist at Kingwood, TX, are:

  • 1
    Brush just before bedtime regularly.
  • 2
    Also clean your tongue each time you brush (Do it with your toothbrush itself if not a tongue cleaner.)
  • 3
    Preferably use a fluoride toothpaste. It protects the enamel makes your teeth more stronger!
  • 4
    Try to avoid sugary foods as far as possible. They generate acids that attack the teeth enamel and erode it.
  • 5
    Treat the kids at home with hard-to-eat foods. This keeps both their teeth and jaws healthier!
  • 6
    Regular flossing (at least once daily) is very essential.
  • 7
    Use a mouthwash everyday too.
  • 8
    Do not skip regular dental visits! Even if you possess healthy teeth, we would always advise you to go for regular dental check-ups every six months.

Why visit our dentist at Kingwood, TX

Your regular visits to our dentist at Kingwood, TX would result in the following benefits for your oral health:

  • Stronger Teeth
  • Healthier gums
  • A good and healthy breath
  • Fewer cavities
  • Fewer emergencies
  • A whiter smile
  • Overall better dental health

If you are contemplating your next dental check up in a few days, get in touch with our office at Kingwood, TX, for an all new dental care experience!