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Dental Fillings at Kingwood TX

Get your cavities protected by our dentist at Kingwood

Cavities need to be filled simply because otherwise the tooth remains left unprotected. If the hollow space (especially those on the chewing surface of your molars, where they mostly appear) is not sealed with some filling material, bacterial infection might reach upto the roots  and damage the entire tooth leading to the need of an extraction!

In order to avoid such dire consequences, you need to avail our composite fillings. These come as a perfect solution to the issue of cavity attacked teeth because they come matched with the color of your teeth! Composite fillings are made up of plastic, ceramic and glass. A special light is used to harden the filling material to its place which makes it a long lasting permanent solution to tooth decay.

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How are fillings placed?

The affected tooth is made numb and the plaque (along with decayed portion) is cleared off. The hollow space is clearly examined such that the tooth nerve and other tissues are not exposed after cleaning off. The fillings are then placed, shaped and hardened according to the shape and structure of the tooth.

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Your posterior teeth, the molars, typically require amalgam fillings. These have a general record of lasting for 8 to 20 years and can reliably withstand chewing pressures! Visit your dentist to know more about the different kinds of fillings and what purposes they are able to serve.

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