Better your Smile with Orthodontics

Your Orthodontist at Kingwood, TX

Get a straighter, stronger & brighter smile at Kingwood, TX.

Our orthodontic services at Kingwood, TX effectively strives to deliver you a better smile by working at the shape, structure and alignment of your teeth. precisely, you would resort to our orthodontist if you are faced with the following dental conditions:

Orthodontic Methods and Appliances at Kingwood, TX

  • Dental Braces — These are the most commonly used fixed appliances consisting of wires or bands and brackets attached to them. Generally we adjust the braces each month to get the desired results. Moreover your kids get a range of colorful braces to choose from!
  • Special fixed appliances - To control specific problems (especially in kids) such as thumb sucking and teeth clenching in adults, we provide special wearable appliances to alleviate this out of such habits.
  • Aligners - They are nearly invisible in nature which makes them one of the most popular choices among our orthodontic devices.
  • Space maintainers - They are almost like braces with plastic or wire branches between some teeth to maintain the space between them intact.
  • Jaw re-positioning appliances  - If you are having symptoms of TMJ, like a lock-jaw or jaw pain, you will be given these devices to be worn either in your upper or lower jaw. It will keep your jaw from falling back!

Which appliance would you go for at Kingwood, TX?

The decision concerning the right appliance to be used can only be decided once your orthodontist checks you up and prescribes the right device to resolve your issue.

In order to book an appointment with our orthodontist, just give us a call at (281) 746-9400. You might also put up your queries regarding the same while speaking to our team member!