Root Canal For Your Tooth!

Root Canal

Know More About Root Canal Treatment in Kingwood

Root canal therapy is that process that aids in repairing and saving a damaged or infected tooth instead of simply extracting it. A tooth mainly has two parts - a crown and the roots. The upper visible part that contains the chewing surface is the crown and the lower part which finally embeds inside the gums, is the root. The process of root canal therapy (RCT) actually involves removing the infected or damaged area of the tooth and then cleaning and disinfecting it.

When the pulp of your tooth gets infected to such an extent that it spreads till the site where the roots penetrate your gums, a Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is required. The pulp is actually a collection of blood vessels, nerve tissue and other cells, that is protected by the outer hard shell (your tooth roots!)

Symptoms that hint at the need for a root canal:

  • Pain and a tingling sensation that lingers for more than 10 seconds, after eating hot or cold food
  • Swelling or redness in the gums that might hint at an infection
  • Acute sensitivity to biting or even a sudden touch
  • Pain that feels like a throbbing heartbeat

Root canals are also called “endodontic treatment.” A root canal can save a tooth that would have otherwise required extraction due to infection.

So, What Are The Benefits Of A Root Canal Procedure?

  • It helps mitigate the pain
  • Prevents chances of a tooth extraction
  • Prevents the Bacteria from spreading
  • Prevents the formation of Abscess
  • Protects the adjacent tooth from getting infected too

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Your root canal procedure would involve a number of steps. The good news is, there is no pain involved. Steps that are followed by our dentist in order to perform your RCT are –

  • Examine the affected tooth and go through its X-Rays properly.
  • Apply a local anesthesia into your affected tooth.
  • A dental dam is then placed over the affected tooth for isolating it and keeping it safe from your saliva.
  • Make an opening to get access to the pulp. It could be through the back of a front tooth or the crown of a molar or pre-molar also.
  • The pulp chambers are cleaned and sterilized too in order to prepare it for the filling.
  • The canal is then filled with some kind of gutta percha material.

We have often come across patients who become anxious when they hear the word “Root Canal”. With our advanced anesthesia options and surgical procedures, your root canal therapy would seem as comforting as a dental filling. There is absolutely no need for you to get tensed before you come in for the procedure. Your dentists will take care of everything.

Any Further Question:

Our friendly team can help explain the total root canal procedure and advise on what you should do next. Feel free to contact us anytime at (281) 746-9400 in case if you are suffering from tooth ache.

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