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Bonding & Veneers at Kingwood

A flawless Smile with Bonding and Veneers

A cracked or chipped tooth, especially if it’s visible while you smile or chat with a friend of yours, is truly embarrassing. So you kind of try to hide your teeth or refrain from giving a broad smile, even if you want to! Here’s when bonding and veneers come to the rescue. All you need to have, is a clear notion about both these cosmetic dentistry techniques, before you move on to make a choice for yourself.

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How do Bonding and Veneers Differ?

To figure out their basic differences, our dental experts at Kingwood, TX, will explain the details of these two cosmetic procedures to you.

However, there are key differences between veneers and bonding, such as:

  • Bonding:  This is a cosmetic dentistry technique that consists of adhering a tooth-colored material over the chipped, cracked or otherwise affected tooth. The desired shape of your tooth is cut out after placing the composite and then the material is made to harden, using a ray of light. However, only small dental flaws such as a slightly broken or chipped tooth, small gaps in between the teeth, discolored teeth and teeth with little irregularities in shape are resolved using such a technique
  • Veneers:  These are dental restorations, usually made of porcelain and are made up of wafer-like thin material which is attached to the front portion of your tooth. In order to place veneers therefore, only a thin portion of the tooth enamel is required to be removed. However, veneers are not effective in covering the edges of your tooth.

Which veneers would you go for?

While at our office at Kingwood, TX, you will find that veneers come in two variants  - porcelain and composite resin ones. Usually,  porcelain veneers are the more preferred type as they resist food stains better as well as more efficiently mimic the light reflecting properties of the teeth to make them look brighter!

Are you unable to decide which cosmetic procedure would suit you? Visit our dentist today to get your teeth examined and get the best cosmetic makeover for your teeth today!