root canal

A root canal treatment is related to a condition called ‘pulpitis’. Pulpitis is a condition in which the pulp of a tooth, which is the innermost layer of a tooth beneath the enamel and the dentin, gets infected.

This infection is caused by a bacterial infection that has been either unnoticed or left untreated for too long. Over time, the infection has penetrated the enamel and the dentin to infect the pulp of the tooth.

An infection like dental caries or decay that occur on the surface of the tooth can be easy to cure. However, since pulpitis occurs deep within the tooth, a surgical procedure like a root canal is necessary. The following are the 7 signs that you need a root canal treatment.

1. A toothache that keeps getting worse 

When you have pulpitis, you’re bound to experience a lot of pain due to the underlying infection. The bacteria feast within your tooth, to cause a lot of damage and decay within. You’d experience that only particular toothaches regularly and severely. However, toothaches can occur due to several reasons and you should rather look for the other symptoms alongside it to suspect pulpitis.

2. Fever 

Toothache with fever is not very usual. You get a fever when your body raises its temperature to fight off infections. Thus, if you have a toothache and a fever, you’d better look for a dentist near you, today!

3. Swollen lymph nodes 

Lymph nodes release lymphatic fluids that fight off bacteria and viruses from the body. With an infection as severe as pulpitis, these lymph nodes become hyperactive and subsequently swell up.

4. Bad breath (Halitosis)

If you brush and floss your teeth daily and still have bad breath, you should be considered. The foul smell comes from the bacteria within your mouth. Thus, when you have washed and rinsed your mouth thoroughly and still have bad breath, it may be because the bacteria is within your tooth.

This is also why you may experience a persistent bad taste in your mouth.

5. Bleeding gums 

This is a sign of severe pulpitis that has already surpassed its limits. Did you spit and spot blood in it and have no idea where the blood came from? Or are your gums bleeding and you don’t know why? Either way, it means something is really wrong and you must waste no time in contacting your dentist.

6. Increased sensitivity in a specific tooth

Since the pulp of the tooth is infected, it damages the nerve endings, thereby weakening them. These weakened nerves become more susceptible to heat, cold, touch or even anything sweet.

Root canal treatment is the most viable cure to an infected pulp. Having gone through the signs, if you still suspect that you have pulpitis, get a dental consultation for a root canal treatment, today. In Kingwood TX, you can get the best endodontist in town for your root canal treatment.