Cosmetic Dental Treatment

It’s important to know which shades of cosmetic dentistry your dentist deals with, as every practitioner is different. While you consult with the practitioner, you must listen to what services he could provide you with as well as discuss your own expectations.

There are many different brands of materials, dental prosthetic, and applications to choose from. For instance, there are many brands of teeth whitening products and they all aim at getting the same results but there are subtle differences that you should be aware of. Talking to your dentist does the job for you. It works to put the best smile on your face.

What are the general aspects of cosmetic dentistry that you are acquainted with?

Teeth whitening, veneers, crowns or even implants and bridges. These are the ones that normally help you out with stained or discolored teeth, a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, gaps in between teeth, and even the missing tooth menace. But there’s a lot more to it.

Your smile accounts for one-third of your face. Hence, you tend to remain under the notion that a smile beautification alone could change our appearance. Here, you are wrong. Some of the non-dental factors that influence an individual’s aesthetics are:

Facial height –

Some people have long faces with a narrow jaw. This means a large portion of your teeth is exhibited. Usually, some amount of gum grafting can solve this issue. Your dentist could examine your case and come out with a unique solution for this.

Facial Width –

The width of your cheekbone (or upper jawbone) is a crucial part of the framework that influences your smile. If you are one with a narrow face width your dentist would probably advise you to go for a palatal expansion in order to achieve a better face balance as well as aesthetics.

Lip Volume –

In simple terms lip structure is broadly of two types: thin lips and fat lips. The ones with thin and tight lips may show excessive amounts of their teeth when smiling while the others do not. This is important while planning your cosmetic treatment strategy.

Smile Line –

This again refers to the volume of your teeth length that is being revealed while you smile. This is somewhat related to the lip volume factor and is an important parameter to be considered for your smile correction.

Age – 

Generally, our age will impact the tenseness of our lips and cheeks. As we age, more of our bottom teeth begin to show and the height of the face generally decreases. It’s important to reach a result that both suits your age and addresses the goals that you want out of your smile.

Skin and lip color – 

You may unconsciously be getting a tan or age might take its toll upon your skin color. Sometimes, just wearing a lip balm of a darker or lighter shade will have a huge teeth whitening effect on your smile. The contrast gives the impression that the teeth are shades lighter. While considering teeth whitening options this is one of the factors that heavily count.

All of the above factors count well while determining the strategy for upgrading your facial aesthetics and consequently your overall appearance. In fact, there is no such specialization within the dental field termed as cosmetic dentistry. Rather it is just a name given to the vast majority of dental procedures or treatments that can help you with the aesthetics of your smile.

Therefore, the term “cosmetic dentistry” is kind of a paradox in itself. In fact, every dentist is a cosmetic dentist in some way or other because all modern dental procedures more or less concentrate on how your smile is impacted. Staying well-versed with the intricate details of this part of dentistry, would hence help you a lot!